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Outtake from „Two Angles of a Triangle“
> RM74 „The Forgotten Ritual“ (.mp3)

Radio transmission
A wonderful, charming and nostalgic radio transmission around the album by L. Pierre "The Island Come True".
> Klang (vol. 288 „Lost & Found“)

"Instantly the room was populous with sounds of melodiousness, and mournfulness, and wonderfulness; the room swarmed with the unintelligible but delicious sounds. The sounds seemed waltzing in the room; the sounds hung pendulous like glitte......ring icicles from the corners of the room; and fell upon him with a ringing silveryness; and were drawn up again to the ceiling, and hung pendulous again, and dropt down upon him again with ringing silveryness. Fire-flies seemed buzzing in the sounds; summer-lightnings seemed vividly yet softly audible in the sounds."
Herman Melville (Pierre: or, The Ambiguities)