RM74 | Artwork & Promo Photos

RM74 is the solo project of Swiss musician Reto Mäder who lives and works in Bern. His atmospheric electro-acoustic cosmos builds on an infinite and wide open dialogue between fragile instrumental figures, amplified guitar drones, slow-growing melodies and cinematic textures. While his sound sources like guitar, piano, percussion, kalimba, electronics and field recordings drift with a sense of togetherness, Mäder creates a foggy and cryptic world of sounds and emotions.

Beside his work as RM74, Reto Mäder explores his love and interest for the heavy side of music with his bands Sum of R and Ural Umbo, moving in a wide space from ritualistic doom to dark ambient.
He also collaborated with Ralph Wehowsky (RLW) for the label Crouton and produced albums for musicians like Rhys Chatham and Herpes Ö DeLuxe. 2006 Reto Mäder founded together with Roger Ziegler Hinterzimmer Records.


RM74 – Two Angles of a Triangle (2xCD, Utech Records, USA, 2013)
RM74 – Reflex (CD, Utech Records, USA, 2010)
RM74 – Fireproof in 8 Parts (2xCD, Hinterzimmer Records, SUI, 2007)
RM74/RLW –Pirouetten (CD, Crouton, USA, 2007)
RM74 - Exkursion (CD, dOc, A/GER, 2005)
RM74 - Instabil (Domizil, SUI, 2002)
RM74 - Mikrosport (Domizil, SUI, 2000)

Sum of R – Lights on Water (LP, CD, DL, Utech Records, USA, 2014)
Sum of R – Ride out the Waves (EP LP, Storm as he walks, IT, 2012)
Ural Umbo – II (EP CASS, Merz Tapes, USA, 2012)
Ural Umbo – Delusion of Hope (LP & CD, Utech Records, USA, 2011)
Pendulum Nisum – S/T (LP, Hinterzimmer Records, SUI, 2011) 
Ural Umbo – Latent Defects (EP CASS, Utech Records, 2010)
Ural Umbo – S/T (CD, Utech Records, USA, 2010)
Rhys Chatham – The Bern Project > as producer & guest musician (CD, Hinterzimmer Records, SUI, 2009)
Sum of R – S/T (CD, Utech Records, USA,  2008)
Sum of R – EPI (EP CD-R, Hinterzimmer Edition, SUI, 2008)
Herpes Ö DeLuxe – Kielholen > as producer & guest musician (CD, Hinterzimmer Records, SUI, 2007)
Ohne - Ohne 1 (CD, Ohne/Mego, A, 2002)